Vested -> Smart List

Vested -> Smart List

What Is Vested? Vested® is a business model, methodology, mindset and movement for creating highly collaborative business relationships that enable true win-win relationships in which both parties...

Vested Open Source Workload Allocation Template

Defining the workscope for your agreement is an essential component of a Vested Agreement.

Vested Open Source Toolkit -> The Business Model Mapping Toolkit

The Business Model Mapping Toolkit is provided with compliments from the University of Tennessee and the authors of the book Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy – Bonnie Keith, Kate Vitasek, Karl Manrodt and Jeanne Kling. Use this toolkit to harness the power of Sourcing Business Models in your organization!

Vested Open Source -> Self-Assessments

These resources are available to you for free – and you can share this link with as many people as you think will benefit from their own self-assessments. The specific results of your survey are only revealed to yourself. When you participate in this self-assessment, the results are anonymously collected and pooled with others; results to help us track the overall state of outsourcing. We will be using the data to produce a white paper and other research articles that will be shared as part of our open source research library.

Link to Vested website

Vested® is a mindset, methodology, business model and movement for highly-collaborative, win-win relationships.

Vested Open Source Toolkit