The Business Romantic -> Smart List

The Business Romantic -> Smart List

Inspired by the book of the same name by Tim Leberecht [2015]

The Great Wave

Featuring talks, performances, experiments, deep dives, masterclasses, field trips, mystery meet-ups, silent dinners, masquerade balls, and much more, all converging in the most beautiful Monday meeting ever. More details coming soon. The Great Wave is a creation of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community to make humans more human and business more beautiful.

The Post-COVID-19 Story You Need To Write Tomorrow

To shape a new collective narrative, we must let go of our old stories first. The stories we tell ? each other, the world, ourselves ? are powerful.

Artists Passionate About Their Work Have Many Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Willingness to fail. Passionate vision. Intense self-motivation. Constant networkers. Sound like the traits of an entrepreneur? Yes but interestingly enough fine artists also share these character essentials.

The Business Romantic [2015]

Tim’s book became an international bestseller, and he has since written for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, or Psychology Today, and has spoken at conferences and companies worldwide. Meanwhile, Till served as the CMO of a ridesharing startup in Munich, and has continued to perform as the singer of an almost-retired punk rock band.

Pop-up community to humanise business in the age of machines.

It is a unique space to create positive visions for technology and humanity in a playful and intimate setting. If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine. November 3-8, 2018, Lisbon.

The Business Romantic Society

The Business Romantic Society creates products, services, and platforms that make humans more human. We help leaders, organizations, and brands articulate their visions and translate them into transformation stories, emotional experiences, and human-centered growth strategies.


Retro-Innovation -> Smart List

Ideas that mimic an experience of the past in order to transport the user back into a bygone era, or use a new format to meet an old, sentimental need Tim Leberecht: The Business Romantic


Enterprise Artistry -> Smart List

Inspired by the term Enterprise Artistry coined by Mykel Dixon. In the age of the machine: the key differentiator will be the things that make us uniquely human!


The rise of the curatorial -> Smart List

Eg., Brain Pickings human-powered discovery engine for interestingness

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