The Future of Management Is Teal

Organizations are ready for their next evolutionary step: a step toward self-management, wholeness, and a new sense of purpose.

I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead.

Product teams have been repeating the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) mantra for a decade now, without re-evaluating whether it’s the right way to maximize learning while pleasing the customer. …


Vested -> Smart List

What Is Vested? Vested® is a business model, methodology, mindset and movement for creating highly collaborative business relationships that enable true win-win relationships in which both parties...


Subscribed [The New Subscription Economy] -> Smart List

Blue Ocean Law Group seeks businesses to subscribe to our Buccaneers Beta™ trial -> Create your own quality Legal Docs so fast you'll think you're a pirate! Arrrh Make your lawyers walk the plank!

5 things I wish someone had told me before I started up - Zuora

According to Zuora Founder and CEO Tien Tzuo, doing a startup is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you can ever do. In this short video, Tien shares his top five tips for startup success.


GIG Economy [Freelance Workers] -> Smart List

Special thanks to Lieke Beelan of Visual Contracts for her on point curated link suggestions. Image courtesy of Chris Bair: Unsplash

Atlassian Team Playbook - Team Building Activities that Work

Forget trust falls and ropes courses. These are activities for building your team's Get $#!τ Done muscle and working better together.


Augmented Reality: Law, Privacy Ethics -> Smart List

Enhancing Human Decision Making Safety using Augmented Reality (AR) raises new legal issues including: Intellectual Property, User-Generated Content (UGR), Privacy Ethics

Clarity — On Demand Business Advice

Make faster & better decisions to grow your business. Clarity is your lifeline that instantly connects you with battle-tested advice from entrepreneurs. Find and schedule a call in minutes.


Intellectual Property Law ➲ Smart List

Cover image courtesy Sime Basioli: Unsplash. Disclaimer: By providing links to other websites, Blue Ocean Law Group℠ does not (unless stated otherwise) guarantee, approve or endorse the info provided.

UTS Open - Free Entrepreneur training video

In a globalised world with constant change and technological advancement, entrepreneurial skills are absolutely vital. This course will break down what entrepreneurship is by cutting through the buzzwords, providing real-world examples, and teaching you how to start your own entrepreneurial journey.

Green Light - Deep Green Biotech Hub

The Deep Green Biotech Hub presents Green Light - the world's first algae biotech accelerator program, designed to support industry and entrepreneurs in developing new algae biotechnology-based products, services, and businesses. Always wanted to get involved in algae biotech, and didn't know how? Green Light is open to all NSW-based SME's and start-ups.


We partner with visionary technical founders to provide them with business support from ideation all the way through to scale up phase, leveraging the talent and capabilities of our shareholder universities. To put it simply, we support carefully selected deep tech founders to achieve their business goals faster and smarter.


Over the course of 16 weeks, each team co-creates a Project of Worth: a business case and practicable solution to a real problem sponsored by a corporate legal department, law company, or law firm.

27 Additions to My List of Legal Tech Startups

This brings the list to 704 entries. Send additions and updates to


The rise of the curatorial -> Smart List

Eg., Brain Pickings human-powered discovery engine for interestingness


Retro-Innovation -> Smart List

Ideas that mimic an experience of the past in order to transport the user back into a bygone era, or use a new format to meet an old, sentimental need Tim Leberecht: The Business Romantic

Charting Your Company’s Future - HBR (Harvard Business Review)

Most strategic planning involves preparing dense documents filled with numbers and jargon. But building the process around a picture yields much better results.

Business Propel - Move your business forward

Business Propel is the next evolution in business assessment tools. Offering an end to end view, this tool will shape your business for success. Leaving no s...

Friends don't let friends run a website/app without a privacy policy

iubenda offers an easy way to add a beautiful and auto-updating privacy policy to your projects. Get 10% off yours with this link

Strategy & Innovation Enabling Technology

Ideas are a dime a dozen. That's one reason why strategy and innovation enabling software is increasingly important to organisations of all sizes.

Strategyzer | Trusted by over 5 million business practitioners

Free templates: incl. Business Model Canvas Value Proposition Canvas Enterprises and smaller companies use our platform and services to more clearly understand customers, create better products, and grow businesses.


[BOSS]℠ - Blue Ocean Strategic Services

Blue Ocean Law Group offer [BOSS]℠ in addition to traditional legal services


Corporate Governance -> Smart List

A curated Smart List to inform guide Corporate Governance Renewal beyond best practice

Hatched: For purposeful business

Hatched builds and transforms business for impact. We design and create businesses that use their power to do good.


Enterprise Artistry -> Smart List

Inspired by the term Enterprise Artistry coined by Mykel Dixon. In the age of the machine: the key differentiator will be the things that make us uniquely human!


Sales & Marketing -> Smart List

The Sign You've Been Looking For image courtesy of Austin Chan: Unsplash


B Corp -> Smart List

Has your company considered becoming a B Corp?


[BOLTS]℠ -> Business +/or Legal Technology Solutions

Blue Ocean Law Group offer [BOLTS]℠ in addition to traditional legal services

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