Blue Ocean Law Group ➲ Master Smart List

Blue Ocean Law Group ➲ Master Smart List

Curated links designed for surfing! Disclaimer: By providing links to other websites, Blue Ocean Law Group℠ does not (unless stated otherwise) guarantee, approve or endorse the information provided.

Beyond Billables: James Ford on Blue Oceans and Innovative Value Creation

Interested in innovative approaches to legal practice? Want to know what a ‘hybrid’ lawyer is? Keen to hear a new spin on delivering value? Today’s guest on the Beyond Billables Podcast, James Ford, has cleverly utilized information technology to create a cross-disciplinary team, to help lawyers with their business strategy and ultimately, help them to chart new markets.

Today we have launched our YouTube channel.

We promise that engaging with our online 24/7 [Self-Service] legal documents portal will help you get instant tailored legal documents (all Australian states territories are covered) to serve your full range of personal business needs using “embedded lawyer-logic” designed by the best lawyers in the legal business.” Have we delivered? Check out our new YouTube channel to see for yourself?

COVID-19 Safe Solutions for witnessing Wills & other key documents in Australia

In this article we: ➲ Provide a warning about what could go wrong! ➲ Strongly recommend practical alternatives such as “Will through a window!” if witnesses can witness in a COVID-Safe manner, and ➲ Broadly outline the current Australian legislative response temporarily enabling remote AVL witnessing in some jurisdictions.

Force Majeure Clauses & Frustration: Why the COVID-19 Pandemic is a Wake-Up Call

How confident are you that your existing or contemplated contracts will be enforceable in light of unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic? This article is a timely deep dive into the history and development of the common law precedents guiding interpretation and enforceability of force majeure clauses.


Pet-friendly buildings -> Smart List

Proposed New Section 137B Keeping of animals (1) A by-law has no force or effect to the extent that it purports to unreasonably prohibit the keeping of an animal on a lot.

Legal Health Check [FREE]

This includes: (cont.) 🧩 Business sale/purchase; 🧩 Business financing; 🧩 Co-ownership arrangements; 🧩 Managing staff; 🧩 Commercial terms; 🧩 Websites and intellectual property; 🧩 Regulatory compliance. Why use this? This is an amazing way to quickly & proactively identify legal risks and opportunities to get your legal affairs in order!


[BOSS]℠ - Blue Ocean Strategic Services

Blue Ocean Law Group offer [BOSS]℠ in addition to traditional legal services


Blue Ocean Law Group℠ -> Reading Smart List

Cover image: The Following Does Not Constitute Legal Advice -> Permission kindly granted by the author Justin Sprogis


Legal Services -> Smart List

We offer a 1-stop shop service. Where necessary, we collaborate with our hand-picked panel of legal experts in order to ensure you have the best possible legal advice representation.

Create Legal Documents

Use our Self-Service option to instantly create your own quality tailored legal documents 24/7 without the intervention of a Lawyer. Our Lawyer Assisted service packages up the typical length of time a lawyer is required to assist you to complete the document. For when the stakes are high, or the situation is complex, we recommend our Full-Service option.


Legal Business Podcasts -> Smart List

Leading Legal Business Podcasts Videos to help you navigate the perpetually shifting ocean of change that is #NewLaw

Take our Australian IP Quiz Challenge!

Get all 10 questions right to obtain your reward -> 25% discount code. *Valid for our [Self-Service] Intellectual Property Legal Documents until 30 September 2020. © 2020. Blue Ocean Law Group℠.


Corporate Governance -> Smart List

A curated Smart List to inform guide Corporate Governance Renewal beyond best practice


Best Coffee in Sydney -> Smart List

Blue Ocean Law Group is fueled by Coffee! My personally curated list of favourite and recommended coffee spots in Sydney and its fringes -> Cover Image courtesy of Charles Duck Unitas: Unsplash


Coronavirus disease [COVID-19🦠] Pandemic -> Smart List

Curated links to help get us all through the pandemic [Covid info, available grants, Gov. apps, remote working survival kit, info for employers ]. Cover image courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon: Unsplash

All About .law Domain Names

How do our clients / prospective clients / legal colleagues know they are actually dealing with Blue Ocean Law Group™ ? Blue Ocean Law Group ™ use a .law web domain ( .law is a new top-level domain dedicated to accredited lawyers law firms worldwide.


Find a Justice of the Peace [JP] or Notary Public [CA] -> Smart List

Find a JP to witness your legal documents (Certified Copy, Sworn or Affirmed Affidavit, etc.) in Australia, New Zealand or a Notary Public in California.


[BOLD]℠ ⩴ Blue Ocean ⚖️ Legal Design 🎨

Law by Design -> making the law more accessible and understandable. ✋Contact us to find out more …

PopQuiz: Jobs to be Done!

If you have an Urgent Job please call us toll-free on 1800-0-Adapt or email Some jobs on this list we will ask for your contact details as it will be a job that we have predicted needs us to contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will send you to the relevant #SmartList to provide you with free information/resources.


Notary Public in Australia, New Zealand or California -> Smart List

Curated links to help you quickly find a Notary Public in Australia, NZ or CA.


[BOLTS]℠ -> Business /or Legal Technology Solutions

Blue Ocean Law Group offer [BOLTS]℠ in addition to traditional legal services

‎Blue Ocean Law Group℠ offers clients -> PEXA Key

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, or both, the PEXA Key app helps you settle with confidence. Use of the app to securely communicate bank account details is backed by the PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee for added assurance. Download for free via the App Store or Google Play. Find out more at: “It is easy to navigate and has got a lot of good information to keep you informed at every step of the process.” — Yolanri, property buyer

Book an appointment | ZipID Verification of Identity for Real Estate Transactions (Cost from $59 as at 15 March 2019)

Blue Ocean Law Group recommend ZipID to our metro clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane Canberra as our preferred VOI agent

Securexchange - Safeguard property deposit funds from hackers

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ uses Securexchange. It protects real estate agents, lawyers/conveyancers and buyers from the real threat of large financial loss during property exchanges.

Do you have money waiting to be claimed?

Find out how people lose track of their money and how much there is to claim in each state.


Blue Ocean Law Group use PEXA -> Property Exchange Australia

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is actively seeking enterprising clients across the USA/UK/Australia to join us for our Buccaneers Beta™ trial!

-> create your own quality Contracts/Legal Docs across the United States/England Wales/Australia so fast you'll think you're a pirate! Arrrh Make your lawyers walk the plank!

Business Legal Risk Navigation Plan

Contact us to find out more about our Business Legal Risk Navigation Plan (starting from $99 per month for a single shareholder, sole director company/sole trader, plus initial setup costs*)...

Test out your existing Privacy Policy -> How does it score?

Use Compliance Quarter's innovative tool then talk to us about easily making your Privacy Policy/Website App compliant with Australian Law (Globally where applicable).


Future Law -> Smart List

Navigating the future of the legal profession beyond. Everything from Legal Tech, Legal Design, NewLaw, Focus on Value, to leading Blogs. Photo courtesy of G. Crescoli: Unsplash


General Practice Lawyer aka innovative Counsel [iC]℠ -> Smart List

Curated links resources for General Counsel / General Practice Lawyers seeking to broaden their mindset/skillset collaborate/develop innovative solutions to be proactive add value!

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ - NewLaw Firm Sydney

Source: Google Maps Please note: By appointment only. Book Online here:

Going Really Paperless with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil | Lawyerist

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ are doing our level best to go truly paperless: iPadPro and Apple Pencil form part of our digital solution.

Data and Email Security | Secured2 Corporation - Secured2 Corporation

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ use Secured2 when communicating sensitive client information. Secured² patented data security technology - your revolutionary new solution that promises unhackable data security.

Book Online

James Ford is a Lawyer with Blue Ocean Law Group in Sydney, NSW 2000. See Reviews and Book Online Instantly.


Our Strategic Alliance Partners Recommended Suppliers -> Smart List

Contact us to arrange an introduction to one of our Strategic Alliance Partners or Recommended Suppliers


B Corp -> Smart List

Has your company considered becoming a B Corp?

Australian Charter of Human Rights | Join the campaign

We need an Australian Charter of Human Rights to ensure everyone’s rights are properly protected and people have the power to hold governments to account.

NSW Society for Computers and the Law

We bring together lawyers and information technologists in all sectors of business - private practice, corporations and government.

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is an affiliate and provides VOI - Verification of Identity Services for Questrade Inc. clients based in Australia.

Learn how Questrade is giving Canadians [ Australian's -> it is an Online Brokerage] better, simpler and more affordable ways to become financially successful and secure. Contact us to obtain additional free benefits when opening a new account.

Friends don't let friends run a website/app without a privacy policy

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is innovative Counsel and Australian Legal Network Partner for iubenda. We use iubenda for our own Globally compliant Privacy Policy, and are an Affiliate -> Get 10% off yours with this link! Contact us if you need a legal review of your compliance with Australian Privacy laws.


Florence Guild -> Smart List [Inspired by the Renaissance city-state]

Est. @ Work Club, the Florence Guild Event Series features our brightest thinkers -> valuable insights to help members [including Blue Ocean Law Group℠ + our clients] thrive in tomorrow’s world.

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