Our Strategic Alliance Partners + Recommended Suppliers -> Smart List

Our Strategic Alliance Partners + Recommended Suppliers -> Smart List

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Questrade | Keep More of Your Money

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is an affiliate of Questrade and provides VOI - Verification of Identity Services for Questrade Inc. clients based in Australia. Learn how Questrade is giving Canadians [and also Australian's -> it's an Online Brokerage!] better, simpler and more affordable ways to become financially successful and secure. Use this link to obtain additional free benefits when opening a new account.

Book an appointment | ZipID Verification of Identity for Real Estate Transactions (Cost from $59 as at 15 March 2019)

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ recommend ZipID to our metro clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane Canberra as our preferred VOI agent

Securexchange - Safeguard property deposit funds from hackers

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ uses Securexchange. It protects real estate agents, lawyers/conveyancers and buyers from the real threat of large financial loss during property exchanges.

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia® are GTM (Go-to Market) partners for edison365 -> Idea innovation management platform

Innovation should not be thought about in isolation. Formalising innovation management within an organisation brings structure and direction to delivering in...

Strategy & Innovation Enabling Technology -> IdeaScale

Ideas are a dime a dozen. That's one reason why strategy and innovation enabling software is increasingly important to organisations of all sizes. Blue Ocean Strategy Australia® is the Gold implementation partner for IdeaScale in Australia.

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ - Business Propel Certified Professional

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is a founding certified professional partner of Business Propel (an initiative of the NSW Business Chamber).

The Official Blue Ocean Strategy Australia® Site

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ works in close collaboration with its sibling company Blue Ocean Strategy Australia®. Talk to us about using Blue Ocean Strategy® to create new and uncontested markets for your businesses, products and services. Who is working on your Blue Ocean Strategy®?

This Smart List was built by Blue Ocean Law Group™ using FYI.to

A FREE content curation and discovery platform that works by copying and pasting links. Create a personal website, promote your business and much more!

Friends don't let friends run a website/app without a privacy policy

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is innovative Counsel and Australian Legal Network Partner for iubenda. We use iubenda for our own Globally compliant Privacy Policy, and are an Affiliate -> Get 10% off yours with this link! Contact us if you need a legal review of your compliance with Australian Privacy laws.


Blue Ocean Law Group℠ use PEXA -> Property Exchange Australia

Documents In Dispute (DiD)

DiD is a private forensic document examination firm located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. DiD provides professional and independent document examination services as well as the provision of expert testimony at competitive rates. Our examiners are highly trained, experienced and have been professionally certified by the American Board of Forensic Document...

treescribe demo (beta upgrade of CodePact - new user interface)

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is a treescribe beta user -> using it to create quality SuperFast Legal Contracts across Australia / England Wales / USA. Even more user-friendly.

Introduction to Domo Video | Domo

Watch the video to learn more about Domo's Business Management Platform. Blue Ocean Law Group℠ is a GTM (Go-To Market Partner) for Domo in Australia.

Data and Email Security | Secured2 Corporation - Secured2 Corporation

Blue Ocean Law Group℠ use Secured2 when communicating sensitive client information. Secured² patented data security technology - your revolutionary new solution that promises unhackable data security.

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