Online Dispute Resolution -> Smart List

Online Dispute Resolution -> Smart List

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Future of online dispute resolution

VCAT recently piloted online dispute resolution (ODR) as a means of resolving small civil claims. This video imagines a not-too-distant future in which the ODR platform has been implemented.

Introduction to Jur -> Youtube video

Developed to revolutionise the way Contract Disputes are resolved. Fast and easy Dispute Resolution at a fraction of the cost. Did you know that most contractual disputes that go to arbitration take more than 6 months to resolve and cost more than 50% of the contracted amount? With Jur, each dispute will be resolved within 24 hours, at almost zero cost to the contracted parties. Jur is a decentralized dispute resolution protocol (Justice as a service on the Blockchain).

Immediation – A platform to resolve commercial disputes quickly and cheaply.

An online mediation conducted via a bespoke video-conference with aa qualified mediator, to facilitate entry into a settlement deed.

RDO: Resolve Disputes Online

RDO is simple to use dispute resolution technology which has been built by dispute resolution practitioners who understand the process. RDO's technology is designed with the purpose of making dispute resolution as effortless and as effective as possible.

MODRON | Online Dispute Resolution Technology

MODRON is a dispute resolution technology provider. MODRON aims to help resolve the world's disputes through enhancing the quality of human interactions.

Kleros · The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer

Kleros provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything. An ethereum project.

Jur: Decentralized Dispute Resolution

A bridge between blockchain and the real economy. Developed to revolutionise the way contractual disputes are resolved.


Blue Ocean Law Group -> Master Smart List

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