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Notary Locator is a national notary Directory listing Public Notaries practising in all States and Territories of Australia, including NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, WA, NT, & TAS

Seeing a Notary hints | Society of Notaries NSW, Inc.

Until the notary is able to view the documentation involved, it may be difficult for the notary to assess the time of the notary's attendance. Generally, for a straight forward document you could expect the notary to see you for about 15 minutes and then conclude the notary's involvement within a further 10 minutes.

Scale of Fees | Society of Notaries NSW, Inc.

Notaries should take the individual circumstances of each attendance into account (such as time involved and work performed) when applying the above scale. It may be appropriate to apply the hourly scale particularly when certificates have not been prepared by the notary.

Society of Notaries of NSW, Inc.

The Society assists members of the public, Government and institutions with general enquiries about the location of notaries in the State as well as aspects of notarial practice. The Society represents the interests of appointed notaries in the State and the A.C.T. and currently (September 2018) has 644 members spread across the State.


Verification of Identity (VOI) [Authentic or Fake] -> Smart List

Who are you with whom I have to deal? is the fundamental question formulated by Jeremy Bentham in 1843. In this age of fake news + ID theft answering this question with confidence is fundamental!


Why e-Notary a.k.a. Cyber Notary is a pipe dream -> Smart List

Whilst the USA charges ahead with eNotary they forget the foundational value of personal appearance & the Notary's role of trust confidence -> to identify, assess, ensure there is no duress, etc.

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