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Leading Legal + Business Podcasts + Videos to help you navigate the perpetually shifting ocean of change that is #NewLaw

Beyond Billables: James Ford on Blue Oceans and Innovative Value Creation

Interested in innovative approaches to legal practice? Want to know what a ‘hybrid’ lawyer is? Keen to hear a new spin on delivering value? Today’s guest on the Beyond Billables Podcast, James Ford, has cleverly utilized information technology to create a cross-disciplinary team, to help lawyers with their business strategy and ultimately, help them to chart new markets.

Future Law Podcast

This podcast cuts through the noise surrounding the future of law. The world, its people and their technologies are accelerating at a rapid rate. Can the legal profession keep up with all the changes?

Behind the Grind Podcast (AUS) - Neeharika Palachanda & Paige Carter

Behind the Grind Podcast (AUS) is your one-stop shop for everything about the legal industry. ⁣ We hope to simplify and centralise information for ALL students and to give ALL firms and legal sectors the opportunity to engage with students. Tune in to hear about life as a lawyer in all sectors of the Australia legal industry - from their morning coffee rituals to the conclusion of their favourite matters.

The Leading Lawyer Project with Sam Burrett

Learn how the world’s top lawyers are forging new career paths, winning the best opportunities and shaping the future of the legal industry.

Pardon My Objection (PMO): a different kind of legal podcast - Mitch Kowalski & Nathan Hepple

A (often controversial) conversation between world-renowned Canadian legal analyst Mitch Kowalski and Australian NewLaw pioneer Nathan Hepple of HBA Legal. PMO offers a fresh and opinionated take on what's happening in and around the global legal services industry. Content is candid and controversial: an objection to the status quo. Warning: this ain't your usual legal podcast.

Life Design For Lawyers

Former Lawyer turned Executive Coach Charlotte Smith, interviews guests from around the world. Interested in how you can step into life, as a successful and happy lawyer? Look no further. Charlotte believes career success and peak performance, cannot be looked at without considering all areas of life – as they are all linked to performance. Your health, your mindset, your relationships with colleagues & loved ones, it is all incremental. A well designed life = a happy and successful life.

TLF ON SPEAKER - The Legal Forecast

Our free online seminar series, TLF On Speaker, powered by Legally Yours, invites future-focused legal minds from all over the globe to share projects and ideas that matter. With only 20 minutes to present (plus 10 minutes of audience questions), each session will be bursting at the seams with real-world case studies, personal learnings, and useful data.

Podcasts Archive - Rosen Institute

Lee Rosen Been there, done that, and felt the stress. Lee understands your practice having run his own for decades. That's why he's an ABA Blawg 100 Hall of Fame honoree. Rosen shares even more of his experience with Rosen Institute Premium members. Rosen travels the world full-time while working remotely.

Fringe Legal - Discussing the future of the legal profession

Aimed at law firm leaders and influencers, each episode is a thoughtful discussion with a diverse range of voices about ideas impacting the evolution of the legal profession.

On the air: Corporate Counsel’s top 5 podcast episodes for 2019

This year Lawyers Weekly launched a dedicated show for its in-house audience. Check out which episodes were the most downloaded for 2019.

Chester Porter interviewed by John Farquharson in the Law in Australian society oral history project... [nla.obj-217475479] | Digital Collection - National Library of Australia

Chester Porter, QC, speaks of the early years establishing his law practice in Sydney; the major cases he was involved with during his years at the Bar such as - the Voyager Royal Commission, the Lindy Chamberlain case appearing as Council assisting the Royal Commission; his first famous case in the early years being the Royal Commission into the murder conviction of Frederick McDermott in 1951...

Fit to Practice with Angela Han

Fit to Practice is a show about all things Health and Wellness for hard-working lawyers. Each week, lawyer Angela Han talks to lawyers about their health struggles and survival. And as a plant-based personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor, she shares her ideas on how to take back your health. Angela's goal is to help reframe nutrition, sleep, and exercise as a form of medicine and therapy to cope with the daily challenges of being a lawyer.

Business Podcast for Knowledge Workers -> The Soul of Enterprise

The Soul of Enterprise is designed to champion the insight that wealth is created by intellectual capital, a product of the inexhaustible human spirit. Wealth is above all an accumulation of possibilities.

Legaltech Tapas

Bite-sized summaries of the latest legal technologies; who should use them; guest interviews.

The Gen Why Lawyer -

TGYL podcast is a must listen to any an attorney that has their own practice or responsible for their own book of business. The guests are top notch and Karima does a great job as a host getting the best information out.

Lucy Dickens | Doing Law Differently

Discover how the world's most progressive law companies are doing law differently. It's easy to talk about why the legal industry should change, but implementation is the hard bit. Doing Law Differently taps into the valuable knowledge of those who are walking the talk of NewLaw.

Legal Ethics | Lawyerist

If you are interested in learning more about legal ethics, we've gathered some wonderful resources about it on this page.


Listen to LegalBusinessWorld | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.

by Ari Kaplan (US)

A podcast series by Industry Analyst Ari Kaplan (US). His podcasts are designed to offer ideas, guidance, and perspectives on how to effectively navigate a perpetually shifting professional landscape, with a unique focus on the legal industry and the technology that is driving its evolution.

The long run with Frank Dearn

What's the secret to longevity in the law and in life? That's a good question to ask 50-year member of the Law Society of NSW, Frank Dearn. Frank recently ra...

Coffee and a Case Note

Recent legal decisions, and a cup of coffee. Whether you're (Aero)pressed for time or running lat(t)e for your next commitment, Coffee and a Case Note is her...

Risk On Air - Lawcover

A collection of podcasts presented by Lawcover representatives on the risks in your practice as highlighted by recent cases.

#reframes Podcast

A podcast where we invite you to take a different perspective on life. Recorded in the streets of New York City. Produced in collaboration with Niki Shmikis.

Tips for Lawyers Podcast by Chris Hargreaves: Lawyer (attorney), Blogger, Partial Nerd on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Tips for Lawyers Podcast by Chris Hargreaves: Lawyer (attorney), Blogger, Partial Nerd for free.

The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast by Clarissa J Rayward on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast by Clarissa J Rayward for free.

Beyond Billables by Beyond Billables on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Beyond Billables by Beyond Billables for free.

The Lawyers Weekly Show by Lawyers Weekly on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Lawyers Weekly Show by Lawyers Weekly for free.

Law & Blockchain #1: Scott Purcell

Explains the security token hype and how blockchain will make capital markets and the securities industry more efficient.

Legal podcasts you have to tune in to right now

The rise of the internet has hailed in a new dawn for aural story-telling. Here’s our top pick of podcasts legal eagles should be listening out for.

Risk On Air - Lawcover

A collection of podcasts presented by Lawcover representatives on the risks in your practice as highlighted by recent cases.


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