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Legal Costs: What rights does a consumer have in Victoria?

Published by the Victorian Legal Services Board Commissioner.

Your right to challenge legal costs (NSW)

Part 1 - Talking to your lawyer Part 2 - Lump sum and itemised bills Part 3 - Costs mediation Part 4 - Costs assessment Part 5 - Setting aside a costs agreement Part 6 - Other avenues for challenging legal costs Part 7 - Who to contact for more information Your rights are provided by the Legal Profession Act NSW.

Legal Costs - Your right to know (Queensland)

1. Your right to negotiate. 2. Your right to receive bills. 3. Your right to be notified of changes. 4. Your right to request written progress reports. 5. What to do if you are unhappy with your legal costs? 6. Which laws will apply? 7. Contacts for more information. Your rights are provided by the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld.)

Settling disputes out of court | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government

Alternatives to going to court, including mediation, abbreviated mediation, justice mediation and facilitiation.


The Law Society of NSW - Costs Guide 7th Edition

Costs Guide issued by the Law Society of NSW

Costs Cover

Costs Cover provides Lawyers with an insurance solution to mitigate the risk of losses associated with claims against professional fees.

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