Law, Technology and Access to Justice

Attitudes to technology in access to justice might beneficially follow the trajectory of the earlier debate about the best way to deliver legal aid services. Back in the day - which, for this purpose would be roughly between 1970 and 2000 - there was rigorous debate about which form of legal aid delivery was the ...

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14 Oct 2020 Sample Post: Witnessing requirements for the creation of a valid Will in Australia as well as many legal documents across the board, have become a public health issue under COVID-19. It is generally not possible (on account of physical constraints) to have witnesses attest and sign a Will whilst observing social distancing.

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Law practice management insight and advice on marketing, technology, finance, and management

Acrobat for Legal Professionals

I came across this very nice 2015 Adobe Acrobat DC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet on the Setup a Blog Today website. The link is to a JPEG, but you could convert it to a PDF by simply opening it in Acrobat or printing it to the PDF printer.

Legal Ethics | Lawyerist

If you are interested in learning more about legal ethics, we've gathered some wonderful resources about it on this page.

Sir Henry Brooke -> Musings, Memories and Miscellanea (Blog)

Extract from Sir Henry Brooke's obituary. The former lord justice of appeal, Sir Henry Brooke, who has died following cardiac surgery aged 81, was a tireless campaigner for improving access to justice and transformed his retirement into an opportunity to speak out on legal causes

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Conor Monighan brings us the latest updates in human rights law In the News.