Get Paid -> Smart List

Get Paid -> Smart List

From Debt Collection (incl. Unpaid Super) through to Court Judgement Registration and Enforcement.

Debt collection guideline for collectors & creditors

The ACCC and ASIC have jointly produced this guideline which aims to assist creditors, collectors and debtors understand their rights and obligations, and ensure that debt collection activity is

The ATO will act be your debt collector for free.

Guide for individuals to determine if their employers are paying them super, and how the ATO can help if you are owed Super!

Personal Guarantees

If your customer is a company, you can ask the directors to provide a personal guarantee the payment of any debt owed to your business. That way if the company is wound up, you have recourse to the assets of the directors instead. Care should be taken with the wording of the guarantee, and it is best to get professional advice to ensure that the guarantee is enforceable.

Problems with debt -> Proceedings to claim a debt | The Law Society of NSW

What is a letter of demand? You can send a debtor a letter of demand to allege that they owe a debt and advise that if it is not paid within a certain period of time (usually 14 days), you will begin legal action.

Seizure and Sale
Court Judgement
Writ of Execution
Debt Collection