Why e-Notary a.k.a. Cyber Notary is a pipe dream -> Smart List

Why e-Notary a.k.a. Cyber Notary is a pipe dream -> Smart List

Whilst the USA charges ahead with eNotary they forget the foundational value of "personal appearance" & the Notary's role of trust + confidence -> to identify, assess, ensure there is no duress, etc.


Verification of Identity (VOI) [Authentic or Fake] ➲ Smart List

Who are you with whom I have to deal? is the fundamental question formulated by Jeremy Bentham in 1843. In this age of fake news + ID theft answering this question with confidence is fundamental!

eNotary Electronic Notary Solution | Secured Signing

Our Electronic Notary (eNotary) solution for our Digital Signature software allows you to certify and add approval signatures to a document online. Free trial!

USA Only: Now You Can Swipe For An On-Demand Notary, Too

On-demand services have taken off, much to the delight of pretty much everyone who uses them. Now we can add notary services to the list of conveniences we can call up with a tap on our iPhones thanks to Notarize, a months-old startup with offices in Alexandria, Va., and in Boston. It offers a 24-hour service that enables people […]

Finally, After Years of Legislation and Mistrust, eNotary is Becoming Big Business — Red Herring

Pick an industry. Next, try to pick an industry that hasn’t been disrupted by technology. Can’t? Well if you’d have said ‘notaries’ a few years ago, you might have won a point.…

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