Civil Litigation -> Smart List

Civil Litigation -> Smart List

Includes reported Court Judgements where the parties could not reach a settlement and Blue Ocean Law Group℠ have acted for our clients in the ensuing Civil Litigation.

Successfully Mediated Outcome for our Property Developer Client ➲ Planning & Environment Court (Qld)

Successfully Mediated Outcome against a Brisbane City Council decision to refuse a development application for a development permit for a material change of use - 3-storey property development. | Blue Ocean Law Group.

Case Management Software for Litigators: CaseFleet

Our legal case management software helps you win more cases with tools for constructing case chronologies, reviewing and searching documents, generating work product, and preparing for trial.

URL Screenshot -> create evidence of the existence of specific content at a specific time.

Use URL Screenshot to create evidence of: -illegal Internet content / non-repudiation of certain content. -Deleted / Edited controversial news. -Slander, threats or insults on Internet (social networks) / Scams. -Misuse of intellectual property: articles, photographs, plagiarism, etc. -Publication of unauthorized information -Simply demonstrate the existence of a specific content at a specific time.

Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme | The Law Society of NSW

If you are involved in a dispute concerning a contract for the sale of land, and your solicitor is a member of the Law Society, the Law Society's Conveyancing Dispute Resolution Scheme may be able to provide assistance.

Mervyn Christopher McFarland & Anor v Common Australia Pty Ltd (No 2) - NSW Caselaw

Costs Orders in our Client's favour on the ordinary basis until 26 July 2018 and thereafter on an indemnity basis.

Qld Court of Appeal: Kelly & Anor v Slade & Anor [2018] QCA 197 (18/191) Sofronoff P and Morrison JA and Atkinson J [Blue Ocean Law instructed Andrew Skoien of Counsel, second chair Harry Knowlman of Counsel for the Appellants]

Catchwords APPEAL AND NEW TRIAL – APPEAL – GENERAL PRINCIPLES – INTERFERENCE WITH JUDGE’S FINDINGS OF FACT – FUNCTION OF APPELLATE COURT – WHERE FINDINGS BASED ON CREDIBILITY OF WITNESSES – NECESSITY FOR FINDING TO BE CLEARLY WRONG – where the appellants commenced proceedings to recover money which they said was agreed to be paid by the respondents in consideration of the transfer of the appellants’ interests in certain farmland – where in the course of discussions regarding the transfer, two documents were drawn up in lieu of a properly executed contract – where the learned primary judge made findings about the credibility of the witnesses but did so with reference to only part of the evidence – where the learned primary judge failed to take into account the two contemporary documents when testing the veracity of the witnesses – where this failure resulted in the learned primary judge making erroneous findings not supported by the evidence – whether a retrial should be ordered.

McFarland & Anor v Common Australia Pty Ltd [2018] NSWDC 489 [Blue Ocean Law instructed Craig Simpson of Counsel for the Defendant/Cross-Claimant]

CIVIL – CONTRACT – MORTGAGE – VENDOR FINANCE – Defendant sold rural land to the plaintiffs and provided a loan of $100,000 to the plaintiffs to be repaid by three equal annual instalments, secured by a requested first mortgage – Default by plaintiffs – Defendant enters into possession of land – Property offered for sale by public auction Whether plaintiffs had a statutory claim against defendant under Conveyancing Act 1919 section 111A(4) Whether the plaintiff’s had a statutory claim under the National Credit Code Claim by plaintiffs that defendant converted possessions to its own use – Chattels and fixtures left by plaintiffs on the land Cross-claim by the defendant for losses sustained by the defendant because of default under the mortgage Cross-claim by the defendant for trespass to defendant’s sheep

The Law Society of NSW -> Conveyancing Dispute Arbitration Rules

(For disputes arising under the Contract for Sale of Land - 2005 Edition, Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land - 2014 Edition or any subsequent edition)

High Court of Australia

Visitors on Sunday can wander around the building and enter the main courtroom where a Court Guide will explain the history, functions and contemporary role of the High Court.

Meth Houses: This is what a house looks like when it’s used as a meth lab - The Feed

“We now have evidence showing that children living in a contaminated home can have methamphetamine in their system that's equivalent to an adult ice user.”

Family ordered back to court over $500K farm feud

The Supreme Court has ordered a retrial in a Kingaroy farm feud worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

PIAC tackles difficult social problems that impact on the lives of many Australians. We conduct test cases and strategic litigation in the public interest and provide legal assistance, policy advice and training to create positive change to the lives of people who are disadvantaged and marginalised. Issues we address include: homelessness; access for people with disability to basic services; access to energy and water for low-income and vulnerable consumers; Indigenous disadvantage; discrimination against people with mental health conditions; the proper exercise of police power; the rights of people in detention; government accountability. Level 5, 175 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia P 61 2 8898 6500 F 61 2 8898 6555

When granny flats go wrong – perils for parents highlight need for law reform

Parents and children rarely put agreements about granny flats in writing and almost never consult a lawyer. But when these arrangements go wrong, the consequences can be disastrous and costly for all.

Kelly v Slade [2017] QDC 288 (15/1634) Porter QC DCJ 7 December 2017

Catchwords MONEY – PAYMENT – OTHER MATTERS – where the plaintiffs transferred their respective interests in the farm to the defendants as joint tenants – where the terms upon which that transfer occurred were in dispute – whether the defendants agreed to pay $250,000 for the first plaintiff’s share. EVIDENCE – ADMISSIBILITY – ADMISSIONS – WHAT CONSTITUTES – where there is evidence of subsequent conduct – whether that subsequent conduct is properly dealt with as an admission of the terms of the informal agreement alleged by the plaintiffs – whether that subsequent conduct is properly dealt with as an inference that the parties made an informal agreement on particular terms.

Mediation & Arbitration facilities | The Law Society of NSW

The Law Society provides purpose designed and appointed mediation, arbitration and meeting facilities in a private and secure environment. Located on Level 12 at 170 Phillip Street, the facilities offer superbly appointed rooms with adjoining party rooms. Please call (02) 9926 0279 for bookings, or use the online form at the bottom of this page.


Australian Consumer Law Disputes -> Smart List

From Misleading and Deceptive Conduct to Consumer Guarantees (including B2B for purchases less than $40k) -> this curated smartlist will help you understand the basics of Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

What is an Affidavit? - Legal Blog -

An affidavit is a written statement of the facts of a case in your eyes. The person who is relying on the affidavit must confirm that the contents are true.

NSW Court of Appeal -> Legal Resources

An initiative of the New South Wales Court of Appeal supported by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales: created as a resource for legal practitioners and judges in Australian and elsewhere.

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