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Proposed New Section 137B Keeping of animals (1) A by-law has no force or effect to the extent that it purports to unreasonably prohibit the keeping of an animal on a lot.

Renting and COVID19: What you need to know | Tenants' Union

Here are the latest questions and issues raised with us at the Tenants' Union of NSW about Coronavirus COVID-19 and renting. We will keep updating this page as we have more information to share.

Tenants Victoria

Tenants Victoria provides free information, advice and legal representation to promote and protect the rights of Victorians who rent their homes. We were founded in 1974. The tenants advice line is closed. Email advice will be answered Monday to Friday. Read about what you can do if coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts your tenancy.

NCAT jurisdiction problems

Types of matters affected: Example -> Where parties live in different states. This issue commonly arises in residential proceedings such as when the landlord resides interstate.


Noise can be annoying and interfere with speech, sleep or work. In NSW noise is regulated by the EPA, councils and Police depending on the type of noise source.

The law catches up: tenancy agreements can finally be signed online!

Technology is having a significant impact on a lot of industries, and excitingly, real estate is no exception. A great example of where the law is starting to catch up in a way that will have treme…

$5 million repair bill: Zetland owners told to sue former lawyers

The owners corporation is also defending a lawsuit launched by a company that owns an unrelated residential development on the floors below, alleging nuisance and water seepage into its properties.

How to avoid living in a 'lemon' — what you need to know before buying an apartment

As revelations of another evacuation apartment in Sydney emerge, there are fresh questions about the consumer protections available for buyers in high-rise units. So what can you do to avoid living in a lemon?

Residents left homeless, crying in the street after Sydney high-rise evacuation

Residents mill around an entrance to Mascot Towers after being told to evacuate. A resident of a Sydney apartment block evacuated over structural concerns says he was left crying in the street and threatened with arrest after trying to re-enter the building to retrieve his pets. Key points:Emergency services were called to Mascot Towers on Friday night after cracking in the building's beams Nearby businesses have been told to stay shut today and cracking has appeared in a hairdressing salon wall

TapMeasure — The fastest way to measure

Capture point-to-point measurements in just two taps. Get perfectly level artwork every time. And rapidly generate 3D floor plans of rooms complete with windows, doors and more.

How to apply for a fencing order at NCAT (NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal)

When fencing work is required along your boundary line with your neighbour, you can ask your neighbour to contribute half the cost by serving your neighbour with a fencing notice (see below). Beware of situations where a retaining wall is required or the existing fence is not on the actual surveyed boundary line. Legal advice may be required as this situations can be very complex.

Securexchange - Safeguard property deposit funds from hackers

Blue Ocean Law Group uses Securexchange. It protects real estate agents, lawyers/conveyancers and buyers from the real threat of large financial loss during property exchanges.

When granny flats go wrong – perils for parents highlight need for law reform

Parents and children rarely put agreements about granny flats in writing and almost never consult a lawyer. But when these arrangements go wrong, the consequences can be disastrous and costly for all.

Meth Houses: This is what a house looks like when it’s used as a meth lab - The Feed

“We now have evidence showing that children living in a contaminated home can have methamphetamine in their system that's equivalent to an adult ice user.”


Off-the-Plan Property Purchases -> Smart List

Warning to Buyers: When you buy off the plan, you are paying for a property where the end product may not only differ from your expectations but be worth less than you have agreed to pay...

VCAT has ordered the owners to pay a builder $660,526.41 by way of a quantum meruit following the termination of a building contract

This is a sum which was considerably more than the builder might have recovered in a damages claim under the contract. Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd v Mann VCAT 2100

Queensland Globe

Access the Queensland Globe, our mapping and data online interactive tool, to explore Queensland maps, imagery and other spatial data.


Adverse Possession [Squatter's Rights] -> Smart List

Cover image: Photo of article Diddly Squat: The $1.7 million home awarded to Bill Gertos [for free] under squatter's rights by Annabel Hennessy dated 31 October 2018. Picture Christian Gilles

This paper compares the approach of Australia and the United Kingdom to the use of unconscionable conduct principles in the area of commercial leasing.

The objectives are to trace the process by which unconscionable conduct principles came to be included in the Australian retail tenancies legislation, examine the subsequent case-law in order to assess the difficulties in applying the principles to retail leases and determine the impact of the provisions on the attitude of the parties to the negotiation.

Calculate the stamp duty on the sale of land or businesses in NSW

The purchaser is liable to pay the stamp duty, and it must be paid within three months of the liability arising. For example, if you're purchasing an existing property (not 'off the plan'), your liability will arise when the contract of sale has been exchanged.

Policy documents - Foreign Investment Review Board

The Government reviews foreign investment proposals against the national interest on a case‑by‑case basis. This flexible approach is preferred to hard and fast rules. Rigid laws that prohibit a class of investments too often also stop valuable investments. The case‑by‑case approach maximises investment flows, while protecting Australia's interests.

Actions for recovery of land: the Court of Appeal on constructive trusts and limitation periods | CommBar Matters

Where seeking to recover land on the basis of a constructive trust arising from proprietary estoppel, when does that constructive trust arise? Does it arise when a court makes a declaration to its effect, or when the relevant cause of action accrues? And when should the court consider a lesser remedy instead of declaring a trust?

Is your rental property a METH house?

Australia’s crystal methamphetamine (also known as “ice”) obsession is not slowing down. Alongside the devastating effects the drug has on users, the production of the drug is also leaving an invisible legacy in the places it was manufactured. This legacy places the building and its contents at risk of contamination and possibly exposes unknowing future occupants to potential health risks from the residue chemicals.

Property and Probate | CommBar Matters

In this recent decision, the landlord got the benefit of a dubiously worded outgoings clause. The High Court gave full effect to the parties’ commercial intent to hold that commercial common sense dictated that the tenant would be liable for all outgoings under a long term lease.

NSW Caselaw | Advanced Search

APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Refusal of adjournment application - Applicable principles - No error of law established. APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Apprehended bias - No error of law established APPEAL - Residential tenancies - Whether substantial miscarriage of justice has occurred - Leave refused

SJN Building Consultants

Experts in the field of property and construction. Inspections and written reports are provided for all types of requirement.

Land title practice manual - Queensland

Detailed 802 page guide covering the full scope of required practice and procedures for preparing and lodging Titles Registry forms in Queensland.

Building and Construction Law | CommBar Matters

A “revised” payment claim, for a different sum, served one day after another payment claim had been served was invalid because it was held to be a second payment claim and therefore in contravention of s 14(8) of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic) which prohibits more than one payment claim being served in respect of the same reference date.

Neighbourhood mediation kit - Publications | Queensland Government

This kit contains tips on how you can talk with your neighbour and information about how mediation may help you, including: an explanation of the mediation process and what it involves a workbook...

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