Australian Consumer Law Disputes -> Smart List

Australian Consumer Law Disputes -> Smart List

From Misleading and Deceptive Conduct to Consumer Guarantees (including B2B for purchases less than $40k) -> this curated smartlist will help you understand the basics of Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

What does the law require when assisting consumer in hardship?

Financial hardship, in a credit society such as Australia, can affect almost anyone. To protect consumers from the negative impacts of financial hardship - which can include the stresses of enforcement action and disconnection from essential services - legal protections have been incorporated into the regulatory frameworks for the consumer credit, energy, water and telecommunications sectors.

Know your rights - National Debt Helpline

You cannot be sent to prison because you cannot pay a debt (except for fines). The credit law applies to loans and leases for personal purposes. It also applies to finance and mortgage brokers.

SCAM WATCH service provided by the ACCC.

Scamwatch is a website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams.

The little black book of scams

The little black book of scams [published by the ACCC] highlights a variety of popular scams that regularly target Australian consumers and small business.

Report international scams online!

Report international scams at WHAT IS ECONSUMER.GOV? is where you can report international scams and learn about other steps you can take to combat fraud. Your complaints help consumer protection agencies around the world spot trends and work together to prevent international scams.

REVS/PPSR Check Vehicle History Report | Revs Check

Buying a used car can be tricky. If you buy a car with finance owing from a previous owner, it could be repossessed. A REVS (now PPSR) check allows you to check the history of the vehicle you intend to purchase so you can buy with confidence.

Resolver Group - The Leading Complaints & Dispute Resolution Company | Resolver

Resolver Group in the market leader in consumer complaint resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Our consumer complaint data is helping to change entire markets for the better.

Australian Consumer Law

Find out what standards are covered in the Australian Consumer Law and what you need to do as a business to uphold those standards.

Consumer claims | NCAT

NCAT can hear and decide consumer claims about the supply of goods or services in NSW.

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