The first published law review article written by AI ➲ Why GPT-3 is a game changer! | Blue Ocean Law Group�

You can now download and read for yourself the first machine-generated law review article. Please consider that the article was generated in seconds by a computer using OpenAI's language model GPT-3. If you compare that to the amount of time generally required for a human expert to write a complex article for publication the feat is almost magical. Now is the time to pause and reflect what future versions of GPT-5 or GPT-100 will be able to achieve?

MyOpenCourt | AI-Powered Legal Tools

MyOpenCourt provides free AI-powered legal tools to workers and employers in Canada.

The world’s first AI legal assistant | Andrew Arruda | TED Institute

As a lawyer, Andrew Arruda too often saw the scales of justice tip in favor of the wealthy and partnered with a computer scientist to create the world’s firs...

Legal Jobs -v- LawBots : Gartner, McKinsey and the V&A

This past week reading a couple of articles on the internet and visiting a museum made me think a lot about the future of jobs in law and whether or not robots would be replacing us. I have, of cou…

A free online introduction to artificial intelligence for non-experts

Learn more about Reaktor's and the University of Helsinki's AI course - no programming or complicated math required.

How to Cross Examine an Algorithm (for lawyers)

The legal system evolved to hold humans accountable for their actions. However, many of the actions that humans used to take are increasingly being performed by machines, thanks to the advent of machine learning.

A&O Fuse Member Scissero - 'World's 1st Fully Automated Lawyer'

Meet Scissero, a new legal AI platform that is marketing itself as 'the world's first fully automated lawyer', and which has just been chosen to be part of Allen & Overy's Fuse tech innovation space.

Estonia to Empower AI-Based Judge in Small Claims Court - 150sec

In Estonia, it seems that AI technology is destined to be used in what traditionally would be the least innovative of areas - the country’s courts system.


CourtQuant is an AI platform that predicts the outcome of legal cases, selects the best lawyers for your case and analyses your data to predict results and automate work.

Estonia is Building a “Robot Judge” to Help Clear Legal Backlog

The Estonian Ministry of Justice is officially designing a  robot judge that could take care of a backlog of small claims court disputes.

Godfather of Deep Learning: China’s AI Tech Is “1984 Big Brother”

Yoshua Bengio opened up in a new interview about his anxiety about how China is using deep learning to surveil and manipulate large populations.

Pop-up community to humanise business in the age of machines.

It is a unique space to create positive visions for technology and humanity in a playful and intimate setting. If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine. November 3-8, 2018, Lisbon.

Start having incredible sales conversations through science

Gong helps B2B sales teams sell and coach better by recording, transcribing, and analyzing their calls & demos using AI powered conversation intelligence technology.

IntelligentX Brewing Co.

Is there no limit to the potential of A.I.? Coming to the UK -> beer that changes its recipe to your tastes using A.I.

AI Contract Analysis | ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver offers automated contract review, risk assessment and insight extraction capabilities using advanced AI and NLP technology.

Moral Machine

A platform for public participation in and discussion of the human perspective on machine-made moral decisions

The Future of AI - A blog by Toby Walsh

Walsh estimates that machines have a 50 per cent chance of being as smart as us by 2062. By 2112, the odds are 90 per cent.

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel's speech: THE AI WILL SEE YOU NOW

Would you trust doctors using data from artificial intelligence to make life or death health decisions for your child? Dr Finkel gave the 2018 Smallwood Oration on Thursday 16 August, discussing the role of artificial intelligence in medicine. The full speech is below, or you can download it as a pdf....

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