From contract drafting to contract design

This is a library of guidelines, explanations, and examples to inspire and support you in exploring user-friendly approaches to contract simplification and visualization. Here we are dealing not so much with verbal content, there are plenty of good manuals and style guides out there to draft text that insulates the contract against litigation attacks. We focus on providing guidance and inspiration to present contracts so that they work better for their intended purpose and business audience. We want to support you in improving your contracts by helping you view your contracts through their users’ eyes, and organize, communicate, and visualize them so the users can find what they need, understand it, and use it.

Law games to learn smarter not harder - Law Dojo

Study for Law School, learn your essential Legal Rights, and prep to get into the best school -- all with Law Dojo games: lightweight play to get law smart!

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Terms of Service; Didn't Read (ToS;DR) is an active project to fix the biggest lie on the web. We help you understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of websites.


Plain Legal Language + Simplification + Legal Design -> Smart List

Making the law more affordable, accessible and understandable: 1. the use of plain language + 2. layering away complexity (drill down into the details) + 3. aiding interpretation via visual aids =⛳️

Plain English Foundation

Training people: We run plain English writing training for all workplace professionals. Editing documents: We edit content to be engaging and effective. Our expert editors can: -edit complex material in depth -develop templates, such as for briefing notes -evaluate individual documents, sets of reports or whole websites. Building our community: We champion transparent and ethical public language.

Theseus: How to design user-centric digital law? by Emma Hertzberg 2018

1) Why I have chosen how to design user-centric digital law as my thesis topic. 2) The most interesting concept of 'legal design'. 3) What it is, who does it and why it is so important?

What is the rule of law?

The “rule of law” is a popular but vague term. It’s one of those terms that lawyers and politicians tend to use so much it has almost become meaningless. Thi...


The concept of Lawtoons is simple: to create interesting cartoons on laws for kids. Through storytelling and cartoons, we set ourselves on a journey to discover how laws affect us. With the potential to reach out to a large audience to create awareness about laws and rights, the Lawtoons expedition is about to embark!

Why modern lawyers should care about Legal Design -> a lot

What is Legal Design? It´s applying the methods of Design Thinking to legal matters. And what is Design Thinking? It's an approach to innovation and development of services or products that are productive, human-centred, multidisciplinary and collaborative.


Retro-Innovation -> Smart List

Ideas that mimic an experience of the past in order to transport the user back into a bygone era, or use a new format to meet an old, sentimental need Tim Leberecht: The Business Romantic

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law -> User Friendly Justice

HiiL -> A social enterprise devoted to user-friendly justice. That means justice that is easy to access, easy to understand, and effective.

Unmet legal need a ‘business opportunity’

The vast majority of Australians with a legal problem do not contact a lawyer - while this represents an access to justice crisis, it's also a market opportunity, one legal consultant says.

Legal Solution by Design — a brief assessment of the role of design thinking in law schools

The law, like every powerful institution, needs engines of renewal and disruption, and design thinking fuels these engines.

For Law Firms, Design Thinking Offers a New Way Forward | The American Lawyer

Design thinking is an innovation methodology composed of a series of steps for generating options testing strategies and getting feedback.

Alan Siegel: Let's simplify legal jargon!

Tax forms, credit agreements, healthcare legislation: They're crammed with gobbledygook, says Alan Siegel, and incomprehensibly long. He calls for a simple, sensible redesign -- and plain English -- to make legal paperwork intelligible to the rest of us.

PopQuiz: Jobs to be Done!

Urgent Jobs: we will ask for your contact details. Others: will send you to the relevant #smartlist to provide you with free information/resources.

Legal Creatives with Tessa Manuello: Infusing Creativity into Legal Work

How lawyers can be more creative in their daily practice; - How to reduce the access to justice gap while improving lawyers' lifestyle; - Legal design; - Contract sprints; and - The best tools to enhance innovation and creativity.

Empowering the Next Generation of Legal Creators and Innovators.

Global Community with Online Training and Digital Tools. We are Doers. We are Thinkers. We are Creatives.

Sign up - Visual Contracts Privacy Notice

This is a great example of what in our view a Privacy Notice should look like... this is needed when you are collecting personal information about your subscribers/members/clients/customers, etc.

Visual Contracts -> Terms Conditions

In the visualisation above you will find all [of the] elements, which you can use to navigate. You can click on the buttons 'legal' (the scale), Time, Money, Services & Liability...

Nick Abrahams on LinkedIn: Lawyers don’t need to code they need to cartoon!

We are pleased to have assisted Aurecon to create a visual employment contract. It is a legally enforceable contract in comic strip format, jargon-free with 4000 fewer words than the standard employment contract.

Breaking it down: How legal design uses various design disciplines

For those beginning their legal design journey it’s important to understand that there are several disciplines of design that legal design…

Comic contracts and other ways to make the law understandable

Most Australians don't read terms and conditions or other contracts, so lawyers are experimenting with comics, graphics and other ways to make them more understandable.

Visual Contracts